[+] Changelog - 1.5.0:

NOTE: We worked very closely with our community while developing 1.5.0, and their feedback was invaluable. Thanks!

Game (Client/Server)General
  • [NEW Feature] Strider + Ability:
    • Striders can now be added and used in Overwatch levels (currently used in the new Breached level);
    • They will attack any rebels within range and will obey move and attack commands;
    • They will use a Pulse Cannon when targeting enemies from a distance, and will stomp nearby foes with their Spiked Limbs;
    • The Overwatch can also trigger a "Warp Cannon" ability (2 charges total, 20 second cooldown between charges);
    • Striders will burst into pieces on death (KABOOM!).
  • [NEW Feature] Hunter-Chopper Ability:
    • The Overwatch can now deploy a salvo of timed explosives from Hunter-Choppers using the "Carpet Bomb" ability (4 charges total, 10 second cooldown between charges);
    • The ability's deployment duration (with 7 to 8 bombs dropped per second) can be tweaked using server-side ConVar "ow_chopper_carpetbombduration". Its default value is 1.5 seconds (so 10 to 11 bombs dropped per use).
  • [NEW Level] Breached:
    • The second of two levels in the "Breach" series;
    • It features the powerful Strider, a new objective type and a brand new music track (#10 in the OST);
    • Rebels must hijack the supply train and escape with it. To do so, they'll need to reach it, power up the nearby generator, and board the train before time runs out;
    • The "Power Up the Generator" objective is completed by bringing a Dark Energy Core to the generator and defending it while it powers up (as Combine forces are able to halt the charging process).
  • [NEW Level] Outbreak:
    • Designed by community member "Instant Loser";
    • It won second place in Overwatch's Epic Quest for Goodies (a community level design contest);
    • It features Antlions, Antlion Guards, Dropships, Gunships and Rollermines;
    • Rebels must escape from captivity at the Nova Prospekt detainment facility by reaching the outer yard, passing through hordes of enemies and avoiding traps along the way.
  • [NEW Level] Super Fortress:
    • Designed by community member "Coppermantis";
    • It was included in this release based on the very positive feedback it received from our community during its development;
    • It features aggressive foes, a wide variety of traps and a custom music track (#7 in the OST);
    • Rebels must take control of a top secret Combine research facility to prevent a dangerous superweapon from being used against them. They'll need to watch their step as the area is heavily guarded and filled with enemy forces.
  • [NEW Level] Traverse:
    • Designed by community member "SamC";
    • It won first place in Overwatch's Epic Quest for Goodies (a community level design contest);
    • It features close quarter battles with dangerous enemies and traps around every corner;
    • Rebels must break into a Combine forward base to grab and escape with a heavily-guarded data packet filled with valuable intel.
  • [Improvement] RiotShield updated with a brand new model, picked by the community.
  • [Improvement] Adjusted HUD Timers to make additions and subtractions much more visible.
  • [Improvement] Updated Selection Circles with special conditions to deal with the Strider.
  • [Bug Fix] Corrected a server crash related to rappelling Metro Cops not having an active enemy to target and shoot. (Fixed in 1.3.6)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed some dead players not being correctly messaged/respawned (for levels using the Respawn system, e.g. Canals). (Fixed in 1.3.6)
  • [Bug Fix] Prevented a potential crash when a player tries to pick up a physics object without having any weapons.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where the "Sprint" function would stop working after a round reset.
  • [Bug Fix] Corrected items still being +USEable while they are invisible (like Medkits after they're picked up).
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with GM cursor clicks no longer working after hovering over a button.
  • [Tweak] Adjusted "Box Selection" to automatically release if the mouse is dragged outside of window boundaries while playing in windowed mode.
  • [Tweak] Adjusted the GM's Overview (Minimap) to hide itself whenever the Scoreboard is open (just like the other GM panels). Patch by "Au-heppa".
  • [Tweak] Increased the Revive Marker's max drop height from 1024u to 4096u.
  • [Tweak] Updated Scoreboard to no longer display Frags and Deaths.
  • [Tweak] Restricted access to all development, debug and server ConCmds/ConVars to ensure they are not used illegally.
  • [Misc] Replaced the old Game Loading screen/Main Menu background image with two variations of a brand new Citadel concept piece:
    • The variation used is selected at random between the two each time the game is launched;
    • A blurred version is first displayed during Game Load before the regular (sharp) image is displayed behind the Main Menu;
    • It supports both Normal (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9 or 16:10) aspect ratios.
  • [Misc] Replaced the old (bland) "Overwatch" text title on the Main Menu with a new image title.
  • [Misc] Added a CREDITS button at the bottom of the Main Menu which opens a URL/HTML page using an in-game panel similar to the LATEST NEWS menu entry.
  • [Misc] Redesigned the Multiplayer Options menu panel (Player Model selection removed and items reorganised).
  • [Misc] Changed the Updater panel on the Main Menu (top-right) to only appear if an update is available.
  • [Misc] Updated all icons used by the game (the ico files now also contain multiple formats of the icon image, making them compatible with different resolutions and color depths, including those used in Windows XP).
  • [Misc] Added a larger version of the icon used in the Steam Library window. The larger version is used when Steam's window is set to "Large mode".

Game (Client/Server)All Maps
  • [Sound] Updated all levels to allow for the in-game music's volume to be controlled using the "Music volume" slider in Options → Audio.
  • [Misc] Updated the level descriptions (seen on the Team Select menu) for all levels.
  • [Misc] Updated the title images used at the top of level descriptions (and included a "Community-Made" image that can be used by the community).
  • [Misc] Included new MapList Thumbnails for all levels (and defaults), visible when the Server Browser's "Show Map List" option is selected.

Game (Client/Server)Map: Breach
  • [Overwatch] Readded the Suppression Device with improved behaviour.
  • [Balance] Replaced the Tower soldier's SMG with an AR2. The spawn can now be used multiple times.
  • [Balance] Increased the number of Metro Cops spawned.
  • [Balance] Set the first section traps to have a 7 second initial cooldown.
  • [Aesthetics] Art and detail pass (reworked most areas, updated all textures, added props, improved overall lighting).
  • [Optimisation] Converted some needlessly Dynamic Props to Static.
  • [Misc] This level is now the first of two levels in the "Breach" series (the second being Breached).

Game (Client/Server)Map: Canals
  • [Resistance] Reworked the role item setup so roles automatically move up to the next safe room when accessed.
  • [Resistance] Added Crossbow ammo to the third safe room.
  • [Resistance] Adjusted the RPGs in the third safe room to give full ammo on pickup.
  • [Balance] Stopped Claw Scanners and Manhacks from getting into safe rooms.
  • [Balance] Stopped Claw Scanners and Manhacks from being able to defuse the final objective.
  • [Layout] Removed Barrels from toxic ponds.
  • [Layout] Added a few very small islands to the toxic ponds.
  • [Misc] Fixed Metro Cops being pushed into the canal by the two flaming barrel spawns at the end of the first section.
  • [Misc] Updated steam traps to automatically disable when rebels are past the first section.
  • [Misc] Stopped the Defusal Zone (final objective) still being visible after detonation.

Game (Client/Server)Map: Crossroads
  • [Content] Readded Fast Zombies (spawning at random every 30 to 60 seconds).
  • [Resistance] Removed the SMG grenades from the bunker and added regular grenades around the map.
  • [AI/NPCs] Fixed neutral NPCs (zombies) not being blocked by Combine force fields.
  • [Objectives] Increased the additional time awarded when the GM completes a secondary objective from 30 to 120 seconds.
  • [Balance] Reduced Poison Zombie health to 200HP.
  • [Balance] Adjusted Snipers to now only target and shoot Resistance players.
  • [Layout] Added two more routes leading out of the GM's initial spawn.
  • [Aesthetics] Reworked bunker area and surroundings.
  • [Misc] Moved signs pointing towards bomb sites in a bid to improve navigation.

  • For more detailed information, remember to visit our Level Design Resources site.
  • [NEW Entity] trigger_capturearea_ow - Replaces the complex entity system used for Capture Point-type objectives in our levels.
  • [NEW Entity] npc_enemyfinder_ow - Used for targeting rebels and sending the target information to other entities (e.g. the Suppression Device).
  • [NEW Entity] point_teleport_ow - Used to teleport weapons and weapon return-to locations.
  • [Changed] Modified the MedPack and RiotShield weapons to no longer lose their entity names when equipped which allows them to be teleported if they are dropped and/or returned to their spawn location.
  • [Changed] Tweaked code to preserve the info_hint, info_node_air, and info_node_air_hint entities between round resets.

Game Updating UtilityGeneral
  • No Change!

[+] Changelog - 1.3.5:

NOTE: Some changes have been made to the Keyboard Options panel. We recommend opening that menu and verifying that all keys have been properly bound.

Game (Client/Server)New Map: ow_canals
  • [NEW] New Level: Canals (ow_canals).
  • [NEW] Canals introduces time attack-type gameplay, where the Resistance's goal is to get to the objective as quickly as possible (and before the countdown reaches zero).
  • [NEW] The Overwatch, on the other hand, has to do everything possible to prevent them from reaching that objective, either by holding them off long enough for the countdown to end, or by killing them all.
  • [NEW] Rebels cannot be revived on Canals. When the Resistance team reaches a new section, dead players will respawn as a wave of reinforcements.
  • [NEW] This map features the Helicopter and Scanners (Type II) with an NPC Ability (which allows the GM to drop Hopper Mines at current location).
  • [NEW] This map also features a HUD timer (countdown clock) and Respawn Waves (dead players will automatically respawn when new sections are reached).

Game (Client/Server)New Map: ow_crossroads
  • [NEW] New Level: Crossroads (ow_crossroads).
  • [NEW] Crossroads introduces survival-type gameplay, where the Resistance's primary goals are to protect the Bunker and survive through waves of incoming enemies (until the countdown reaches zero).
  • [NEW] The Overwatch, on the other hand, is tasked to storm and destroy the Rebel bunker before the countdown ends.
  • [NEW] This map features various types of Zombies and Headcrabs, considered a common enemy to both sides (they will attack Rebels and the Combine forces).
  • [NEW] This map also features a HUD timer (countdown clock) and Headcrab Canisters (can be dropped at current location).

Game (Client/Server)General
  • [Improvement] New HUD element added to display player Role above health display (bottom-left).
  • [Improvement] Added ConCmd "ow_role_swap" which can be bound in the Keyboard Options panel;
    • When bound key is pressed, the current weapon will be swapped for carried Role item (and back to original weapon on 2nd key press).
  • [Improvement] A thin red marker will now be displayed beneath all GM enemies.
  • [Improvement] Hovering over buttons on the GM order panel (lower-right) will now display information in the Tooltip box (lower-mid).
  • [Improvement] Reduced font size of entries in the Objectives panel.
  • [Improvement] Voice Command "This way..." renamed to "Follow me!".
  • [Improvement] Various improvements, tweaks and fixes to Hint entities (env_hint_ow).
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed potential crash when an energy ball collides with an npc_cscanner (City Scanner).
  • [Bug Fix] Hint entities (env_hint_ow) and Hints attached to Role items should now display correctly after round restarts.
  • [Tweak] New GM HUD panel created for upcoming feature (currently displays Overwatch logo).
  • [Tweak] Renamed the "Overwatch Info" option on the main menu to "Latest News".
  • [Tweak] Base HP for Barnacle NPCs increased to 55.
  • [Tweak] Updated MapCycle and MapList files.
  • [Tweak] Updated the Overwatch FGD (overwatch.fgd).

Game (Client/Server)Map: ow_breach
  • [Misc] Updated to use new Objectives list entity.

Game (Client/Server)Map: ow_citadel
  • [Aesthetics] Removed force fields behind ladders near the center.
  • [Misc] Updated to use new Objectives list entity.

Game (Client/Server)Maps: ow_breach_classic & ow_citadel_classic
  • [Misc] Classic maps have been removed in this release (may be distributed separately in the future).

  • For more detailed information, remember to visit our Resources section.
  • [New] Created point-based entity "game_respawn_ow" which manages the respawning of Resistance players;
    • Mappers can define a respawn wave time, enable/disable respawn waves, force players to respawn immediately on an input and define custom messages to be displayed to dead players.
  • [Added] Added team key to entity "env_indicator_ow" to specify whether the indicator is shown to both teams, Rebels, or the GM.
  • [Added] Added a displayrange key to entity "env_indicator_ow" that specifies how far this entity can be from the player before it no longer renders;
    • Setting "0" for display range indicates an infinite range.
  • [Added] Added displayonminimap key to entity "env_hint_ow" to allow Hint to be drawn on Minimap.
  • [Changed] Improved the Objectives list feature by changing it from a system of a single entity for every task to a system of one entity for every separate task, with finer-grained control (renamed to game_tasklist_ow).
  • [Fixed] Client will no longer crash when dealing with "env_indicator_ow" entities that do not have textures. The entity will simply not paint an icon and only paint a progress indicator.
  • [Fixed] Improved formatting of time and time-related outputs for HUD timer (game_hudtimer_ow).

Updater UtilityGeneral
  • No Change.

[+] Changelog - 1.3.0:

NOTE: Several changes have been made to the Keyboard Options panel. We recommend opening that menu and verifying that all keys have been properly bound.

Game (Client/Server)General
  • [New Feature] Implemented the initial version of the "Roles" feature:
    • Players carrying a Riot Shield are now tagged as having the role of "Defender": their Shield can block incoming fire;
    • Players carrying the new MedPack item are tagged as having the role of "Medic": their MedPack can be used to heal other players.
  • [New Feature] Roles - Defender/Medic:
    • Special items can be found by looking for the blue healer/shield icons in the map (or on the Minimap);
    • Medics and Defenders will have a green healer/shield icon overhead (and on the Minimap) instead of the normal triangle;
    • A player can only have one role (he can only carry one special item);
    • Special items can be dropped so that other players may pick them up (bind a key in the Keyboard Options menu);
    • Any special item that is not equipped (dropped) will return to its spawn point after 30 seconds;
    • Special items are in Slot #6 of the weapons selection menu (the Riot Shield has been moved there).
  • [New Feature] Roles - Medic Only:
    • MedPack ammo always starts at zero (0) (every time it's picked up);
    • MedPack ammo regenerates over time. The Medic's health (HP) also regenerates over time (automatic self-healing);
    • MedPack's ammo regeneration speed is cut in half when the Medic's health (HP) is being regenerated;
    • Medics use a medic model (male or female). They revert back to the regular rebel model when the MedPack is dropped.
  • [New Feature] Implemented the initial version of the "NPC Abilities" feature:
    • This feature gives the GM a certain level of control over his units' actions;
    • The first units to be given an ability are the Civil Protection units (Metrocops) that are equipped with one or more Manhacks;
    • Metrocops no longer automatically deploy their Manhacks. The GM must now select the unit(s) and click the new "Ability" button (bottom-right of the HUD);
    • To release the second Manhack (if equipped), simply wait for the cooldown to end, then press the button again;
    • If multiple units are selected when pressing the "Ability" button, only one Manhack from the first Metrocop will be deployed;
    • Pressing the button again will release one Manhack from the second Metrocop, and so on.
  • [New Feature] Implemented the initial version of the "Voice Commands" menu:
    • Two panels are currently available;
    • Panel 1 (default "z") includes Priority Commands like "Medic!", "Grenade!", ..
    • Panel 2 (default "c") includes Random Chatter like "Hello.", "Idle question.", ..
    • Based on importance, some commands can only be heard if the other player is within a certain distance;
    • Based on importance, some commands will be displayed in the Chat window in addition to triggering the vocal event.
  • [New Feature] Implemented the initial version of the "Automated Vocal Responses" feature:
    • Responses are voice-over cues that are triggered by certain in-game events, like spotting an enemy, coming under fire, reloading or healing other players.
  • [New Feature] Implemented a "Map Info Panel" in the Team Selection menu:
    • The panel displays information about the current level (like a background story and development status);
    • Information is contained in a localized HTML file found in resources/maphtml, named [mapname]_[language].html (i.e. ow_citadel_english.html);
    • A default info file is displayed if the map-specific file isn't found.
  • [Improvement] Improved network traffic by excluding certain unnecessary data from being transmitted by NPCs.
  • [Improvement] Improved the "Revive" feature. Players can now initiate a revive from a closer distance and are less likely to be interrupted while reviving.
  • [Improvement] The Scoreboard now indicates whether a player is Incapacitated or Dead, based on whether or not they can be revived.
  • [Improvement] Players joining a round late are now moved to the Spectator team and are given a message indicating that they need to wait for a new round.
  • [Improvement] Improved the rebel spotting icon (green triangle).
  • [Improvement] Added new materials for various VGUI elements.
  • [Improvement] Updated maplist thumbnail materials.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed issue where a GM button's tooltip would get stuck preventing the GM from clicking on the map.
  • [Bug Fix] Bullet tracers (and subsequent impacts) originating from an NPC are now properly displayed.
  • [Bug Fix] The GM can now see and hear temporary entities such as bullets and explosions.
  • [Bug Fix] The reviver entity should now trace to the ground correctly even when initially spawning in the ceiling (dead players won't get stuck in ceilings).

Game (Client/Server)Maps (All)
  • [Resistance] Removed all wall-mounted health chargers (players should now make use of the new Medic role).
  • [Resistance] Added a few health kits and vials.
  • [Misc] Added new "Role" special items (MedPack/Riot Shield) to all maps (1M+1RS for 1-3P, 1M+2RS for 4-5P, 2M+2RS for 6-7P).
  • [Misc] Added a new capture zone marker that pulses (and is slightly transparent).
  • [Misc] Capture zone markers are now invisible to the opposite team.
  • [Misc] Added descriptions of all levels to the new Map Info panel (visible in the Team Selection menu).

Game (Client/Server)Map: ow_breach
  • [Overwatch] Buttons for Civil Protection units (Metrocops) are now considered "spawns" instead of "traps". Updated the button material.

Game (Client/Server)Map: ow_citadel
  • [Aesthetics] First art and detail pass for Citadel:
    • Changed all textures;
    • Added a few models (props);
    • Improved overall lighting;
    • Reworked the finale area (mid cap);
    • Added slight white fog that can be seen from a distance.
  • [Content] Added City Scanners (Scanner Type I) as GM-controllable units. Their current ability is simply to blind and distract rebels.
  • [Objectives] Increased the size of the upper central console (cap) area.
  • [UI] Updated the overview material (minimap).
  • [Sound] Slightly increased the volume of of ambient music.
  • [Optimisation] Optimized the map with hints and areaportals (should result in better frames/sec).

Game (Client/Server)Map: ow_breach_classic
  • [Resistance] Removed all HEV batteries.
  • [Objectives] Increased the size of some capture zones.
  • [Objectives] Generator objectives now behave like the ones in Breach:
    • They start with a full health bar that decreases with every hit and disappears as soon as the required damage has been dealt.
  • [UI] Updated button material used for the Metrocop traps.
  • [Sound] Slightly increased the volume of of ambient music.
  • [Misc] Objectives now all use the new materials for their indicator icons.

Game (Client/Server)Map: ow_citadel_classic
  • [Objectives] Increased the size of some capture zones.
  • [Sound] Slightly increased the volume of of ambient music.
  • [Misc] Objectives now all use the new materials for their indicator icons.

  • For more detailed information, remember to visit our Resources section.
  • [New] Created entity "game_hudtimer_ow" which displays a custom timer on the players' HUD.
  • [New] Created entity "prop_dynamic_ow" with custom keyvalues that control certain GM render settings.
  • [Changed] Entity "env_hudtasklist_ow" has been renamed to "game_tasklist_ow" for consistency.
  • [Fixed] Fixed issues and crashes related to info_node links. They can now safely be used.

Updater UtilityGeneral
  • No Change.

[+] Changelog - 1.2.5:

Game (Client/Server)General
  • [Improvement] GM buttons have been updated:
    • Unit spawns are now diamond-shaped (traps are still round);
    • All buttons (spawns and traps) are now green when active, red when on cooldown and grey when inactive.
  • [Improvement] Indicators (like the objective indicators) with progress bars will now always show the progress bar, even when there is zero progress.
  • [Improvement] Indicators now show arrows when they are off the edges of the screen (mimicking the behaviour of hints).
  • [Improvement] Indicator and Hint arrows now rotate around the icon to always point at the target.
  • [Improvement] Indicators for the GM will now stop right above the GM's HUD (and not keep moving below it).
  • [Improvement] Optimized the way indicator information is sent to the client (from the server).
  • [Improvement] Hints that are off the edges of the screen now hide their text to minimise clutter.
  • [Improvement] Hints for the GM can now also be added to maps (previously, they could only be added for players).
  • [Improvement] The centre of a hint is now the icon's center rather than the centre of its text.
  • [Improvement] When a victory is triggered with only one player on the server, the victory panel will be displayed and the round will reset.
  • [Improvement] Active rounds will now reset when either the GM or Player teams becomes empty, resulting in a victory for the other team.
  • [Improvement] NPCs can now be allied to the GM without being controllable.
  • [Improvement] The "Random" team select option has been completely removed (hitting "3" while in the Team Selection menu does nothing).
  • [Improvement] Cleaned up the English strings localization file.
  • [Improvement] The Keyboard Options panel has been updated and reorganized:
    • A "Shared Keys" section now lists binds used by both sides (Resistance / Overwatch), and their descriptions have been updated;
    • Added binds for other GM orders (attack, move, move & attack);
    • Updated description for the "+use" bind to make it clearer that "+use" is used to revive players;
    • Unused binds were removed.
  • [Improvement] The Riot Shield's name in the weapon selection panel is now localised.
  • [Improvement] Slight improvement of the network code.
  • [Improvement] Updated names and paths of all material files.
  • [Improvement] Updated the Overwatch FGD (overwatch.fgd).

Game (Client/Server)Maps (All)
  • [Misc] Updated all maps to use the latest version of entities and code features.

Game (Client/Server)Map: ow_breach
  • [Objectives] Optimised the canisters and canister objectives. Reduced the amount of entity data used.
  • [Objectives] Canisters for the canister objective in the train station (third objective) are now hidden from view for players still at the second objective.

  • The FGD has been released! Descriptions for all custom entities created for Overwatch are available in the Resources section of the Overwatch website.
  • [New] Created entity "prop_physics_multiplayer_ow" (from "prop_physics_multiplayer"):
    • Key "Return Home Time" allows for the entity to teleport back to its spawn point after a certain amount of time;
    • Key "Attached Hint" lets the mapper attach an "env_hint_ow" template entity to the prop.
  • [Added] Added an "Is Template" key to the "env_hint_ow" entity.
  • [Added] Added an "Initial Cooldown" key to "env_gmbutton_ow" that will be set when the entity spawns.
  • [Added] Added "Cooldown Material" and "Cooldown Colour" keys to the "env_gmbutton_ow" entity.
  • [Added] Added empty icon materials for Buttons (for the GM), Indicators and Hints, for use by community mappers as placeholders:
    • Unit Spawns: materials/gm/buttons/spawns/empty_active.vmt
    • Other (Traps): materials/gm/buttons/empty_active.vmt
    • Indicators: materials/icons/objectives/empty.vmt
    • Hints: materials/icons/hints/empty.vmt
  • [Changed] The "game_settings_ow" entity now handles New Players spawning and Dead Players respawning separately, and controls whether the GM wins when all Players are dead:
    • Added key "Allow new player spawning" with the Inputs "EnableNewPlayerSpawning", "DisableNewPlayerSpawning" and "ToggleNewPlayerSpawning" to control whether a new player joining a round in progress can spawn as a Rebel;
    • Added key "Allow dead player respawning" with the Inputs "EnableDeadPlayerSpawning", "DisableDeadPlayerSpawning" and "ToggleDeadPlayerSpawning" to control whether players who have died can respawn;
    • Added key "Defeat on all players dead" with the Inputs "EnableDefeatOnPlayersDead" and "DisableDefeatOnPlayersDead" to control whether all Rebels dying would result in a GM win.
  • [Changed] The default colour scheme used in the "... Color" keys in the "env_gmbutton_ow" entity have been updated:
    • Enabled Color: 31 255 127 200 (Translucent Green);
    • Cooldown Color: 200 50 50 200 (Translucent Maroon);
    • Disabled Color: 127 127 127 200 (Translucent Grey);
    • Pressed Color: 31 255 127 200 (Translucent Green);
    • Mouse Over Color: 31 255 127 255 (Opaque Green);
  • [Changed] The Outputs for "logic_auto_ow" have been fixed:
    • OnMultiNewRound fires on every round restart;
    • OnMultiRoundStart fires after the 5 second preptime on any round start. It also fires when a player picks a team, but only if he is the only player in the server.
  • [Changed] Renamed entities "info_hint_ow" and "info_indicator_ow" to "env_hint_ow" and "env_indicator_ow" respectively.
  • [Changed] Renamed entities "info_player_start_ow" and "weapon_riotshield" to "info_player_rebel_ow" and "weapon_riotshield_ow" respectively.
  • [Changed] Updated names and paths of all material files.

Updater UtilityGeneral
  • [Improvement] The utility will now always consider the local version to be "unknown" when trying to retrieve a manifest for a version that it doesn't recognize. In other words, updating to the latest version should no longer fail if trying to update from a very old version.
  • [Improvement] Errors caught during an update will now trigger the utility to retry the process up to three times, waiting three seconds in between each try.
  • [Improvement] The utility will now print a "Update Complete" message when the update has completed successfully (before performing the next action).
  • [Improvement] The utility will now print a "Launching Overwatch" message before it launches the game.
  • [Improvement] The utility will now refuse to run if not located in the Overwatch folder under SourceMods (only applies when in "Client" mode).
  • [Improvement] Improved logs generated by the utility (contains additional information that could help us determine the cause of issues).
  • [Improvement] The maximum size of log files has been increased to 500KB.
  • [Bug Fix] The updated utility (updater.exe) will now properly launch the game (Overwatch) following an update of the utility itself.
  • [Bug Fix] The backup folder ("_backup") will now be properly cleared before and after being used by the utility.
  • [Bug Fix] File paths (slashes) are now normalized before being used by the utility.

[+] Changelog - 1.2.2:

Game (Server)General
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a rare case where Manhacks being deployed by Metrocops could cause a server crash.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed rare issue that would cause the GM's panning movement to be inaccurate.

Game (Client/Server)Map: ow_breach
  • [Overwatch] Fixed unit spawn buttons near the rebel "escape" objective that were on separate cooldowns. They now all share the same global cooldown period.
  • [Objectives] Fixed final (4th) area not picking a random (console) objective out of the three (3) available.
  • [Objectives] Improved the ending by moving the trigger a bit further and adding a "To be continued.." message displayed to all players.
  • [Balance] Increased the number of Combine units spawned with 5, 6 and 7 live players from 4/5/5 to 5/6/7 (respectively).
  • [Balance] Removed SMG1 grenades.
  • [Layout] Removed a useless force field in the train station.

Game (Client/Server)Map: ow_citadel
  • [Balance] The number of initially spawned Metrocops will now scale according to the number of players on the server, as opposed to the number of players on the Resistance team.
  • [Misc] The rappelling Metrocops spawned near the center of the map now face towards the center when they land.

[+] Changelog - 1.2.0:

Game (Client/Server)General
  • [Feature] Implemented a first iteration of the Spotting feature (Resistance):
    • Rebels that are alive now display a green triangle above their position in the map (HUD) and on the Minimap;
    • Dead rebels now display a red health icon (+) above their position in the map (HUD) and on the Minimap.
  • [Feature] Implemented a first iteration of the Hints feature (Resistance):
    • Hints can be used to display information about any entity within the game;
    • An arrow will point to target's location until the target is within view;
    • Text can optionally be used (as opposed to using an icon alone).
  • [Feature] Enabled the +use physics props pickup system (you can now pick up certain predefined objects using +use).
  • [Improvement] GM buttons will now fade when they are beneath the GM's HUD.
  • [Improvement] Updated icons for objective indicators and hints.
  • [Improvement] Added a README.txt file to the asset base containing installation instructions, important information and relevant links.
  • [Improvement] Map now resets when the server becomes empty.
  • [Improvement] Players picking GM from the Team Selection menu when a GM has already been selected will now automatically join Rebels.
  • [Improvement] Added checkbox in MP Options > Advanced to turn Rebel minimap on/off by default (uses ConVar "ow_overview_defstate (0|1)").
  • [Improvement] Removed "Draw the viewmodel" and "Adjust the field of view" from the MP Options > Advanced menu (they were useless).
  • [Improvement] Added bind for overview_mode in the Keyboard Options menu.
  • [Improvement] Renamed the string for "Show/Hide objectives list" to "Toggle objectives list" in the Keyboard Options menu.
  • [Improvement] Change text colour of tooltips for currently inactive buttons.
  • [Improvement] Disabled the GM ability to use +left and +right to rotate his camera.
  • [Improvement] The Overwatch Info panel on the main menu now opens in full screen.
  • [Improvement] GM's chat box has been moved to a better location (the minimap was overlapping it).
  • [Improvement] Reduced the NPC SMG1, Buckshot (Shotgun), AR2 and Sniper damage defaults (skills).
  • [Improvement] NPC (Combine, Metro and Manhacks) starting health has been lowered slightly.
  • [Improvement] Mappers now have the options to enable/disable turret pickup using the +use pickup feature (it is disabled on Breach).
  • [Improvement] Consumable items, ammo and weapons cannot be picked up using the +use pickup feature.
  • [Improvement] Player Minimap will now start on by default.
  • [Improvement] Player sprays are now disabled client-side by default.
  • [Improvement] Added a README.txt file to the root /overwatch folder that explains how to install Overwatch for clients and servers.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an extremely annoying (but rare) issue where a player selected as the GM (Overwatch) would get a near-horizontal view, instead of top-down.
    This time, we approached it differently and implemented a fix client-side instead of server-side.
  • [Bug Fix] Round end (victory) panel no longer blocks normal game input (chat and scoreboard are no longer blocked).
  • [Bug Fix] Team selection menu now auto-resizes itself for widescreen.
  • [Bug Fix] The "Waiting for another player..." text now always shows up until 2 players choose a team. It has also been centered and moved to the top of the screen.
  • [Bug Fix] Teammate positions on the minimap will now update no matter where the players are in the map.
  • [Bug Fix] Eight players can now join the Resistance until a GM is selected (then the limit is 7 players on that team).
  • [Bug Fix] The "Waiting for another player..." panel should no longer try to turn on or off while spectator and should not interfere with the MOTD panel.
  • [Bug Fix] Stopped sounds being able to carry over to the next round when they shouldn't.

Game (Client/Server)Maps (All)
  • [Change] Maps from 1.1.0 have been renamed to ow_breach_classic and ow_citadel_classic to make room for the new ow_breach and ow_citadel levels.
    Classic maps are not included in the map cycle by default (server admins can add them to mapcycle.txt in the root /overwatch folder).

Game (Client/Server)Map: ow_breach
  • [Overwatch] Fixed the GM tasklist to update when objectives are completed.
  • [Overwatch] Made all GM traps go on cooldown at the same time.
  • [Overwatch] Increased the cooldown of all traps from 20 to 30 seconds.
  • [Overwatch] Made all the traps use alive player count instead of total player count for balancing.
  • [Overwatch] Made the rappel trap usable infinite number of times, made it higher and added a block light brush so the top of it is dark.
  • [Overwatch] Made unit spawns not disable behind players. The GM can now flank rebels from behind.
  • [Overwatch] Disabled rappel and metropolice traps in the train station until the players have completed the first objective.
  • [Overwatch] Moved the manhack trap over a rooftop.
  • [Overwatch] The turret traps are disabled as soon as the players gain access to that area.
  • [Overwatch] Added metrocop spawns to the first alley and the bathroom.
  • [Overwatch] Added a manhack spawn on the east side of the street.
  • [Overwatch] Added a seventh combine spawn at the west side of the train station.
  • [Overwatch] Added a manhack trap to the train station.
  • [Overwatch] Added a rappel trap to one of the stores at the train station.
  • [Overwatch] Added an explosion trap to the payphone area.
  • [Overwatch] Fixed the rappel trap from being used only once.
  • [Resistance] Added some shotgun ammo.
  • [Resistance] Made players start with full SMG ammo.
  • [Resistance] Replaced both armor chargers with health chargers.
  • [Resistance] Replaced dynamic item supplies with health kits (no more armor and ammo from them).
  • [Resistance] Added some extra healthkits.
  • [Resistance] Added pistol ammo near the ammo crates.
  • [Resistance] Added 5 SMG1 grenade spawns to each of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd areas, of which two will be active at random per area.
  • [Resistance] The first three areas now have 10 grenade spawns of which 7 are enabled.
  • [Resistance] Added hints for Breaching and Canister objectives.
  • [Resistance] Disallowed players from throwing grenades through unit spawn room force fields.
  • [Resistance] Increased the size of windows so jumping through them is easier.
  • [Resistance] Moved the huge player clip in front of the citadel wall crusher a bit closer to the wall so players won't collide with it from too far.
  • [Objectives] Made destroyable generators use health instead of number of times damaged (progress bar has also been flipped).
    Generator health is 900, it will now take at least 5 grenades to blow it up.
  • [Objectives] Made destroyable generator indicators disappear as soon as the progress finishes.
  • [Objectives] Removed the ball generator objective.
  • [Objectives] Made console capture areas bigger, that are indicated by a floor texture rather than an outline.
  • [Objectives] Moved third objective console at the train station entrance.
  • [Objectives] Moved the escape objective to the new employee exit corridor.
  • [Objectives] Moved the first capture area inside the cafeteria.
  • [Objectives] Added the first version of the canister objective as one of the possibilities for the objectives.
    The players need to gather up five canisters and bring them to the generator, and then shoot at them to complete the objective.
  • [Objectives] Added a generator objective for the third area.
  • [Objectives] Added two alternative console objectives for the fourth area.
  • [Objectives] Added a second console for the second objective inside the store.
  • [Objectives] Added a third console for the second objective to the east side of the street.
  • [Objectives] Added a canister objective to the third area and increased the height of the store it's in.
  • [Objectives] Moved the first canister objective to be a part of the second objective set.
  • [Layout] Added the two flanking corridors back near the first objective.
  • [Layout] Expanded cafe: increased the area, made a larger counter, added a window for outdoor service and added a few tables and chairs indoor and out.
  • [Layout] Changed the restaurant area to be one level and moved its entrance to the opposite side.
  • [Layout] Widened the bridge over the north part of the street.
  • [Layout] Modified the train station entrance.
  • [Layout] Moved the payphones to the metrocop spawn entrance.
  • [Layout] Added a couple of undecorated stores at the higher part of the train station.
  • [Layout] Added a ticket booth to the train station.
  • [Layout] Added an undetailed shop behind the wall at train station entrance.
  • [Layout] Modified the employee exit area and moved the unit spawn there.
  • [Layout] Reworked Café/Commercial Building back corridor.
  • [Layout] Replaced first Combine spawn rooms with elevators.
  • [Layout] Added walls that Rebels can breach with explosive charges.
  • [Layout] Lowered the NPC tower a bit.
  • [Layout] Added an alley near the middle and another one near the north end of the street.
  • [Layout] Made the insides of the building with the tower bigger.
  • [Layout] Made the jewellery shop larger with an undecorated workshop at the back.
  • [Layout] Created another console to be chosen at random for the third objective.
  • [Layout] Added restrooms to the train station.
  • [Layout] Changed the layout of the store near the second objective console and moved the area in front of the store.
  • [Layout] Added route from Street overbridge to the train station entrance.
  • [Layout] Small lounge no longer is widely open, it only has one hole to get in and out of.
  • [Layout] Slightly increased the size of the start room.
  • [Layout] Added a counter and a cash register to the jewellery store.
  • [Layout] Added windows at the train station where the rappelling units and the manhacks will come down from.
  • [Layout] Removed the doors that can be blown up by the GM.
  • [Layout] Moved the shield walls in front of the explodable doors a little inside the corridor so players can't collide with the shield wall props from behind.
  • [Layout] Added layout of passenger tunnel; two stores and a forcefield.
  • [Layout] Removed GM's destructible doors at the entrance of both commercial buildings on the main street.
  • [Aesthetics] Added triggers to start action music with a transition when the fourth objective is completed.
  • [Aesthetics] Shield walls are now always rendered, regardless of your distance from it.
  • [Aesthetics] Changed lights into wide spot lights for smoother lighting.
  • [Aesthetics] Added cubemaps.
  • [Aesthetics] Recreated the skybrushes in the street area to remove weird walls behind the buildings in GM view.
  • [Aesthetics] Turned the top parts of some buildings into entities so the walls aren't visible for the GM.
  • [Misc] It is no longer possible to enter the white van at the end of the street (which was causing some players to get stuck).
  • [Misc] Redid most of the entity work and all I/O logic.
  • [Misc] Optimized the level, which should also prevent strange issues such as objects appearing in the void (black areas outside of the map).
  • [Misc] Added player clips to prevent players from accessing combine-only areas and rooftops.

Game (Client/Server)Map: ow_citadel
  • [Overwatch] Created a tasklist for the GM.
  • [Overwatch] Added another spawn for the GM located at the north-east corner of the map.
  • [Overwatch] When the central capture point is activated, the cooldown for spawning soldier units is reduced to 15 seconds.
  • [Overwatch] Manhacks will now fall from the ceiling.
  • [Overwatch] Metrocops now have 2 manhacks each.
  • [Overwatch] SMG Combine now have grenades.
  • [Overwatch] Made Elite soldiers spawn as additional members to the SMG and shotgun squads during the finale.
  • [Overwatch] Decreased trap cooldowns from 30 to 20 during the finale event.
  • [Overwatch] Changed the number of NPCs spawned with 1 player from 2 to 1, and with 2 players from 3 to 2.
  • [Overwatch] Preplaced units. The number will scale according to rebel player count.
  • [Overwatch] When the centre cap is activated, manhacks will fall from the ceiling. The number of manhacks scales to the number of alive players.
  • [Overwatch] Both buttons (Traps and Unit Spawns) will enable when the elevator arrives.
  • [Overwatch] The balltrap system has been updated. Instead of having the balls fly in completely random directions there are now 12 ball launchers per trap.
    When the balltrap is used, it fires 3 random ball launchers out of the 12 available.
  • [Resistance] Added health kits to the centre cap area, the number scale according to the number of alive players at the time the cap point is activated.
  • [Resistance] Added a trigger in the death pit allowing players to respawn.
  • [Objectives] Added a new Final Objective to the center of the map. This last objective can only be capped once the previous 3 consoles have been capped.
  • [Objectives] The central capture point now has a circular capture zone instead of a square one. At the beginning of the round it is surrounded by a bunch of walls.
    Once all 3 consoles have been hacked, these walls open to reveal the final console and an alarm sound will play everywhere.
  • [Objectives] There will now be an explosion shortly after the final point is captured and the Rebels are allowed to escape via the elevators.
  • [Objectives] Increased the capture area sizes.
  • [Objectives] Increased capture area height so jumping on the consoles won't cause capping to pause.
  • [Objectives] The round won't end to GM victory anymore if all the players die after the final console has been hacked.
  • [Objectives] Receded the centre console inside the wall.
  • [Layout] For the basement cap, an alternate route for the GM has been added and the console has been moved to the opposite wall.
    There is now also a door and window peering into the cap room.
  • [Layout] For the balcony cap, an alternate route has been added allowing players and the GM to approach the cap from a different angle.
  • [Layout] Added elevators. The rebels spawn inside these at the beginning of the round as they move up towards the playable area.
  • [Layout] Added corridors leading out from the elevator area.
  • [Layout] Moved the lower central console on the opposite wall so players have more cover capping it.
  • [Layout] Moved the capture area for the sink to the opposite wall. Removed the path leading to the area from GM spawn.
  • [Layout] Modified the centre area. It's now a high platform surrounded by a large gap with 2 ladders and 5 ramps.
  • [Layout] Expanded the west and north parts of the map to push them away from the centre.
    This means you can no longer sprint-jump off the centre cap onto the nearby balconies and the bridge is longer.
  • [Layout] Added 5 bridges to the centre area.
  • [Layout] Added doors to the centre cap which open to reveal the central core.
  • [Aesthetics] Replaced the combine shield textures with the correct non-fading version.
  • [Aesthetics] Added cubemaps.
  • [Aesthetics] Changed the lighting so areas are darker as to contrast with the brightness of the centre area.
  • [Aesthetics] Added soundscapes (background noise).
  • [Aesthetics] Removed height difference from the window railing at the west side of the map so it looks better.
  • [Aesthetics] Added a tonemap controller and set bloom scale to 0.2.
  • [Aesthetics] Ball trap beams now use textures to match those used in HL2 and EP1 citadels.
  • [Aesthetics] Added more music relevant to the progress of the round.
    When the centre point becomes activated, ow_ambience2 will fade out and ow_transition2 will play followed shortly by ow_action2.
    Once the final cap has been taken, ow_action2 will fade and ow_finale1 will play until the explosion.
  • [Aesthetics] Moved the death pit even further down and changed the brush at the bottom so it emits no light.
  • [Aesthetics] Added more light to the other sides of the bridges so now the entire perimeter of it is illuminated.

Updater UtilityGeneral
  • [Improvement] "Update is available" is now more obvious (green colour).
  • [Bug Fix] Errors returned by the "Checking for updates" feature have been reduced drastically (it should no longer fail unless there's a serious problem).